Most people want to feel confident in their smile, as it is one of the first things people notice when meeting someone. One thing that people feel most self-conscious about is the idea that their teeth are not white enough. What we drink and what we eat has a significant impact on the color of our teeth and harmful habits such as smoking and tobacco. Our dental hygiene plays a critical role in tooth color.


When you consider the best ways to whiten your smile, a whitening appointment can make all the difference. If you are interested in teeth whitening, come into our office today. We can help you know if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. Sometimes your teeth’s color is stained while the underlying tooth remains healthy and strong. It could also be that tooth decay needs to be addressed before whitening could be done. If you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, we would love to help you with a professional whitening right at our offices. 


The Drawbacks of Over-the-Counter Whitening Solutions


Today, there are many solutions out there promising to get you whiter teeth. These solutions include whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and other at-home tooth whitening kits. 


We get asked a lot about the effectiveness of these different types of teeth whitening solutions. Our answer is two-fold. First, it depends on your teeth themselves and what over-the-counter methods are more likely to give you positive results. Second, a dentist can offer whitening services that are more effective, safer, and longer-lasting. 


If you decide to use over-the-counter techniques, we’d love to still advise you on them, as there are certain things you should know. Depending on the discoloration of your teeth, some at-home kits or solutions may not be effective at all. At-home whitening products can also have negative impacts on the overall health and comfort of your gums. The chemicals in whitening toothpaste, for example, can create much greater sensitivity for your teeth. This can be problematic for individuals who already have sensitive teeth or receding gum lines. It is also possible to bleach your gums temporarily or create other damage. 


Benefits of Whitening Through a Dentist


There are many reasons it can be best to get a professional tooth whitening from a dentist:


  • The bleaching solutions we use are much stronger than over-the-counter solutions.
  • Your teeth are whitened in a safe environment by trained professionals, so you know that it is being done in a way that protects your gums and teeth.
  • It is easy to do at-home solutions incorrectly, leading to unbalanced whitening or ineffective treatment overall.
  • We can work with you to find the right whiteness you want for your teeth and work toward that result with great precision.
  • We can advise you on the best at-home care techniques after whitening to maintain your new smile.


How Many Visits Should I Expect for Professional Tooth Whitening?


The amount of visits greatly depends on how much discoloration your teeth have and how white you want your teeth. Many people can get their desired results in one 30-60 minute teeth whitening treatment. Others desire more dramatic results and will come back for multiple treatments. We also can do touch-ups over time to ensure you maintain your smile and have a good balance in the color of your teeth. 


We understand the prospect and cost of teeth whitening can be intimidating, but it is a decision few of our patients ever regret. Come and see us and learn more about whether or not teeth whitening is right for you.