FAQ’s Regarding Your Insurance

FAQ’s regarding your BC/BS plan:

Some of our patients have been calling and asking some great questions regarding Dr. Valle’s decision to no longer participate with Carefirst, Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We have come up with the following to answer many of the questions we have been asked:

Q: If you no longer take my insurance, can I still come to you?
A: Yes, you absolutely can! We will still submit your insurance claims for you, and you would still receive benefits from your plan.

Q: Will my insurance pay anything even though you no longer participate with my plan?
A: Yes, they will! You would still receive payment from your carrier. The amount of reimbursement may be different; it all depends on your individual plan.

Q:  Are there any alternatives?
A: Yes, there are! Dr. Valle has established an in-office dental plan. With this low-cost plan, there are no maximums, deductibles, or waiting periods, and you can get all the dentistry you need.  Please call to inquire about this savings plan.

Q: I love your office, I want to stay! Will you work with me to make financial arrangements?
A: Yes, we absolutely will. Dr. Valle is committed to providing excellent care to all his patients by serving their best interest to promote ideal dental health. He never wants insurance to be a roadblock to the care you need and certainly deserve. There are a number of options. What we have found with the majority of our patients is that we can find a way to make your financial responsibility comfortable for you so you can move forward with treatment. We certainly want you to continue to receive the best treatment available, to which you have become accustomed.