Why Kor Whitening?


Our Kor Whitening system is different than any other system on the market today.  Kor works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen.  The oxygen from Kor Whitening Gel is absorbed deep into the tooth to dissolve stain molecules.   Unlike other whitening systems we’ve used in the past that use a light system to whiten your teeth Kor does not.  Latest research shows the “light” system causes dehydration of your teeth which can lead to sensitivity and shorter whitening affects.

Kor whitening is considered entirely safe.  It is even gluten free! Kor Whitening is also known to help reduce potential sensitivity because the gel is continuously refrigerated from the time it is manufactured to the time our office receives it, and remains that way until we deliver it to you.  Since Kor gel is kept cold there is no chemical stabilizer in the products that can cause discomfort during whitening.

Kor Whitening can be used to rejuvenate people’s teeth of all ages.  Kor is known to dramatically whiten teeth as much as 16 shades!  Kor can even whiten tetracycline stained teeth.  Some key things to keep in mind when thinking about whitening teeth are that crowns, veneers and fillings/bonding will not whiten.  If you have any of these restorations on front teeth they may need to be replaced after whitening.  It is also good to try to avoid staining foods and drinks during whitening process.  Once in-office whitening is complete drinks that cause stain like coffee, red wine and tea should have little to no effect on your new white smile, as long as you keep up with your periodic home maintenance.

With our Kor whitening System there are a few different steps.  You will have a total of 3 appointments.  At your first appointment we will get a scan of your teeth with our digital scanner.  This appointment takes about 20 minutes.   There is NO need for messy traditional impressions.  The scan is sent to Kor’s lab to fabricate ultra-comfortable kor-seal whitening trays.  Dr. Valle believes these are the best trays available.  They are precision fit to provide a very tight seal.   The well adapted trays reduce the risk of contamination for a much higher success rate of ultra white teeth.

At your second appointment we will deliver your night-time whitening trays.  This appointment takes about 30 minutes.  We will also take before photos and shade of your teeth and review night-time whitening.  You will wear your kor whitening trays at bedtime for two consecutive weeks.  This step preconditions your teeth for your in-office whitening appointment.  You will already notice your teeth becoming much whiter with the at home night-time whitening.   There is also a desensitizer treatment included to reduce the risk of any possible sensitivity during this step.

At your third and final appointment we will complete your in-office whitening.   This appointment takes two hours.   It is very important that you complete the full two weeks of night-time whitening before moving forward with in-office whitening to achieve your max whitening potential.  During the in-office appointment we will complete three 20 minute sessions of whitening treatment.  Be prepared to sit back and relax for about an hour and a half.  We have comfy chair pads, blankets and headphones for music to make your whitening experience as comfortable as possible.  Once all sessions are complete we will take a final photo and shade to show your whitening results, and deliver your maintenance whitening kit.  Basically, all you have to do to maintain your new white teeth is whiten at night with your whitening trays 1-2 times a month.  We believe Kor Whitening is the best system around to achieve your brightest smile.  Please call our office for more information or to schedule your appointment today!